Rendang Sampai Hati Bergendang

It’s true! Food has the undeniable power to bring Malaysians together. Drawing inspiration from a local delectable dish, the NEW Rendang sub is our first Subway sandwich to feature an iconic local flavour that has long been loved by Malaysians across several momentous occasions. The Rendang is not only an aromatic indulgence, but also a magical dish that can unite all Rendang-lovers under one nation – The Rendang Nation.

For the love of Rendang, let’s sama-sama sing this special anthem loud and proud! That’s not all. Share your undying love for Rendang with other Rendang kakis and be the first 500 to stand a chance to win exciting prizes!

Click here to take part and join the fun with Zee Avi, NYK, Shak, and Haneri!

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