Get 3x the  with the Tri-Pepper Chicken Sub

Did you know – pepper is said to make you happy! Experience 3x the happiness with our NEW Tri-Pepper Chicken. Every bite is pure bliss – you have to taste it to believe it! Our signature chicken patty is perfectly seasoned with a blend of pink, green and black peppercorns and salt, along with fresh basil and cilantro, and finally, topped off with Subway’s signature old English cheddar cheese. This savoury sandwich is best enjoyed with mayonnaise for the real peppery deal.

The Perfect Harmony of Mint and Chocolate

‘Tis the time for cooler cookies! The sweet yet fresh decadence of the Mint Chocolate Chip pairs perfectly with the Tri-Pepper Chicken, cooling you down with chewy sweetness after the euphoric heat from the sub.

Want sub alternatives? Try this new flavour in a wrap or a salad bowl today.

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